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Do i need prescription from my Doctor before placing an order?


What is my lethal dose?< > buy pure pentobarbital online

From 18-80yrs,it is advisable to take two bottles Nembutal solution of 100ml for those who preferred the liquid form
and 15 grams of Nembutal powder for those who preferred the powder form.

How to avoid vomiting after the intake of Nembutal?

in order to avoid vomiting,you need to drink anti-emetic 2 hrs before consuming Nembutal

How to preserve Nembutal?

We will advise you on how to preserve your Nembutal after placing your order.

Do you provide stealth packaging?

Yes! All our packages are carefully prepared to ensure the safety. Our products are vacuum-packed and completely odorless! Please understand that for security reasons we cannot provide further details about our stealth methods. DO NOT PM me asking for more information about this any such messages will be ignored!.

What is your success delivery rate?


Do i need to sign upon arrival of my parcel?


Will i get my tracking number once my package is dispatched?


What will happen if my package is seized by customs?

Yes but In this case,we will only reship your parcel if you provide us an evidence of seizure e.g a notice letter from the customs or any other thing that can justify seizure of your package.

What is the shelf life of Nembutal oral solution?

1 year if kept under room temperature

What is the purity of Pentobarbital sodium powder?