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Who is Painless Exit ?<>buy nembutal powder online

Painless Exit is a healthcare center dedicated in distributing Pentobarbital sodium whose trade Name is Nembutal sodium. We are very careful when dealing with our clients and our services are very discrete.We do not share customer information with any third parties.

About Nembutal : Nembutal is a drug that brings about a peaceful death for Patient who have been suffering from an incurable diseases and they want to exit their life respectively with dignity to then Pentobarbital sodium is the solution to that. Also,Pentobarbital sodium occurs as odorless, slightly bitter tasting, white, crystalline powder or granules. 

lethal Dose of Pentobarbital Sodium(Nembutal) : 2 bottles of 100ml oral solution is the lethal dose for a human and also 12.5 grams powder is also a lethal dose but with experience is advisable to order for 15 grams.

How to administer the powder form of Nembutal : You need to dissolving ~15 grams of the powder in ~50ml of water and drinking

To be noted: Only anti-emetic drugs must be taken 2 hour in advance, in order to prevent any vomiting from occurring.

Time to death after oral ingestion:I’m a living witness and from my experience,the dosage is always painless and fatal.It might take effect 15- 60 minutes after the oral ingestion.

Storage: Nembutal oral solution should be kept refrigerated under room temperature unopened meanwhile Nembutal powder if kept in its original packaging, dry and dark place, it will lasts for 4 or more years.